Zhejiang JuHong Metering Solution Co., Ltd. 2022 major event

Time:2023-06-30 10:08:10

1. On October 20, the company's party branch held a branch election election conference.

2. On March 26, in order to enhance the response ability of colleagues to face the dangerous situation and master the standardized first aid knowledge, the company specially invited the lecturer of the Red Cross Association of Jindong District -Xing Chun (National Second -level First Aid Staff), which was 25 employees. On behalf of the professional first -aid training course, after training, all the members obtained the Red Cross Agents Certificate.


3.On April 6th, in order to respond to environmental protection and paperlessness and improve the company's office efficiency, ensure the smooth flow of the company's internal network office, and realize the company's institutionalization and standardization, the company formally implements the "nailing" intelligent mobile office system.

4. On April 15th, the company held a commendation conference from 2020-2021.

5. On May 10th, with the organization and support of the Jinhua Federation of Trade Unions and the Jinhua Vocational Skills Management Service Center, the company organized a number of free training activities such as short video and makeup.


7. On June 1st, the company organized the first Dragon Boat Board of dumplings.


8. On June 20, the company's party branch organized a party to join the party's activists. The meeting selected two comrades of Hu Meiqiao and Ye Zhicong, as active elements to join the party.


9.On June 24th, the company and the School of Vocational and Technical College of Jinghua City jointly organized the evaluation of the stammers and the skill level of the stamping workers and the skill level of our company. A total of 80 people signed up for this time, of which: 45 stampers and 35 tingers.


10.On July 1, Comrade Xing Shuping of the Overseas Business Department was elected as an outstanding party member of Jiangdong Town. On July 1, 2022, at the celebration conference held in Jiangdong Town, he was commended with other outstanding party members to accept leaders.


11. On October 20, the Party Branch of Zhejiang JuHong Metering Solution Company held a branch election conference. Comrade Bao Chenying was elected as the new branch secretary. The company's leaders and party activists attended the meeting.

12. On November 26, the company organized all employees to conduct fire training on fire protection in production and life, and Hong Guangren served as the lecturer.

13. On December 31, the company was proposed by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology as a provincial high -tech enterprise research and development center "Zhejiang Juhong smart gas table high -tech enterprise research and development center".