How to choose the right model for gas meter

Time:2021-11-04 10:46:04

Whether it is household cooking gas or restaurants, hotels, industrial and mining enterprise canteens, and industrial gas equipment, different amounts of gas are required as fuel for normal production, operation or life. At the same time, the accurate measurement of gas must be achieved. To the gas meter. When choosing a gas meter, we will find that there are many types and brands, and the same product is divided into many specifications and models. How to choose? I believe people who don't know much about gas meters will feel headaches when they encounter these problems.

First choose the type of gas meter, which is what it is used for, whether it is for ordinary household use, or gas metering for restaurants or industrial equipment. The right gas meter can only be selected after confirmation. If, in order to save the purchase cost, an industrial gas meter should be selected but a household gas meter is misused. Fire or calorific value is not up to standard.

Diaphragm gas meters are volumetric measuring instruments, so the volume and weight of each model vary greatly. Each model of gas meter has the measurement range of this model. For example, the range of G6 industrial gas meter is 0.06-10m³/h, while the range of G16 industrial gas meter is 0.16-25m³/h, so we must accurately understand all When the gas appliance is activated at the same time, the hourly peak (maximum) gas consumption, the correct gas meter can be selected after the accurate data is calculated.